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Engspire Youth Programs Inc was born in May 2015. It's four directors, all female Engineers based in Toronto Canada, came together with the vision of sharing their passion for Engineering with youth, especially girls, in ways that are fun and engaging.
Our Mission: To utilize creative approaches to engage and inspire youth to discover the potential of Engineering.

Our Past Experience: The first national Engineering Month Program that we ran in Ontario was in March 2014 and was our 'mission to Mars program'. We weren't an 'official' organisation yet our misfit but passionate team were able to secure funding, develop program, train volunteers and ultimately deliver 38 workshops with Girl Guide units across the Greater Toronto area. In that first year we successfully reached 600 girls aged between 5-18 years. For 2015 our team was incubated under the wing of the Engineers of Tomorrow venture within Engineers without Borders Canada. This support network allowed us to grow quickly and expand across the entire province of Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa; and added a second program theme 'Don't Wake Mom!' to our line up. We more than doubled our impact over 2014, with 1800 girls taking part in 75 sessions led by 80 volunteers who represented every discipline of Engineering and engineering technology, engineering society with roots in Ontario, students, new grads and professional engineers with a lifetime of experience! This was a remarkable achievement! What are we doing now? Having gained the experience we are now looking to grow our impact even more in 2016. Our target for this year is to deliver 100 Workshops across Ontario and reach 2000 youth. We are also developing a brand new program for this year, under a new theme of 'Crazy Contraptions' and are using feedback from participants and volunteers from last year to improve our program offering and volunteer training program.

  • Participants

    3000+ Girl Guides

  • Volunteers in NEM2016

    ranging from ages 16 - 54

  • Facilitated Sessions

    all across Ontario

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    mailed kits

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