Who are Engspire?
Engspire Youth Programs Inc was born in May 2015 with the vision of sharing our founders passion for Engineering and Engineering Technology with youth, especially girls, in ways that are fun and engaging.

Engspire is a not for profit group based in Toronto Canada with the aim of inspiring the next generation of engineers and technologists by creating fun  themed workshops and program materials to make learning about STEM accessible to everyone. With three years and over 150 workshops under our belts we have a proven program that is neatly packaged in a format that can be successfully delivered by anyone, engineer or not. In addition we take the time to create great training resources and are always happy to help new program facilitators with any questions they may have.

Over the last three year’s Engspire is proud to have worked with more than 2500 Youth aged 5-14 across Ontario

Currently Engspire offers 4 program themes:

 Mission to Mars In this workshop participants learn about renewable energy sources to drive a car located on another planet. The participants are challenged to build a balloon powered rover to safely transport a passenger across the planet’s surface using only the materials they find in the rocket lander. Kits are available to pre-order for NEM2017.


Don't Wake Mom In this workshop participants work in groups to avoid being caught talking in their bedrooms! They learn about the science of sound and the ways that engineers work to remove noise before trying it on their own by creating their own sound dampening device. This is available as instant meeting only.


 Crazy Contraptions In this workshop participants learn about and build a simple Cam driven machine to make a robot dance. They are challenged to review and refine their assembly process in order to become more efficient as a team! Kits are available.


In this workshop participants work in groups to escape the Evil genius’ lair using their engineering super powers. They learn about a variety of different engineering disciplines through hands on activities. Kits are available to pre-order for NEM2017